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load cells


load cells


Load Cell
Weight Meter


S Beam
 Load Cells

load cell


Shear Beam

Load Cells


Single Point
Load Cells


UPS Scale


Legal for Trade 



NCI Weigh-Tronix

NCI Scales


Stainless Steel

 Washdown Scales

Doran scale


Legal for Trade Scale

from $199

ntep scale




from $295


500 lb Health / Shipping Scales

from $179


Physician Scales



Hanging Scales

Price Computing scales from $285

toledo 8433 produce scale

Antique scales


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Animal / Vet / Livestock Scales

Revere Transducer Load Cells

Sensortronics Load Cells

Tedea Huntleigh Load Cells

Aircraft Scales

Refrigerant Scale

Barrel Scales

Load Cells

Tru Test Scales

Retail Scales and POS Scales

Legal for Trade Scales

NCI Scales

Shipping Scales

Pre-owned Pallet Scales

Paint Mixing Scales

Candy Scales

Laundry Scales

Counting Scales

Hanging / Crane Scales

Floor Scales

Drum Scales

Transcell Technology Scales

Bench Scales

Health / Baby / Physician Scales


Wheelchair Scales


Scale Kits
(build your own scale)

Produce Price Computing Scales

Mechanical Scales

Crane Scales

Label Printing Scales

Test Weights

Stainless Steel Washdown Scales

Race Car Scales

Bench Scales with Setpoints

Truck Axle Scales

Electronic Balances

Explosion Proof Scales

Label Printers

Antique Scales

Rental Scales

Epson Printers

Load Cells

Load Cell Repair

Weight Indicators

Weight Conversion Chart

Listed below are some of the Manufacturers

who's products we sell


Scale Manufacturers

A&D, Acculab, Accu Weigh, Cambridge Scale, Cardinal-Detecto, CAS, CCi, Condec, Digi-Matex, Doran Scales, Emery Winslow, First Weigh, Industrial Data Systems, Health-O-Meter, Inscale, Kubota, Lodec, Mettler Toledo, NCI, Ohaus, Precisa, Protech, Rice Lake Weighing, Salter, Tanita, Torrey, Transcell Technology, Tri Coastal, Tru Test, Weigh-Tronix, Yamato & more!


Load Cell Manufacturers

Artech Industries, Beowulf, BLH, Cardinal, Celtron Technologies, Coti, Epelsa, Fairbanks, Flintec, General Sensor, HBM, Interface, NMB, Nikkei, NV Technology, Mettler-Toledo, Scaime, Setra, Revere Transducers, Rice Lake, Sensortronics, Tedea-Huntleigh, Totalcomp, Transcell Technology, Weigh-Tronix & more!


Portable truck scales


Floor Scales


pallet scale

Race Car &

Go Kart Scales

from $645

racing scale


Vet Scales

550 lb


dog scale


Bench Scales

from $159


Hand Truck Scale


Livestock Scales

livestock scale


Load Cells from $99




Printing Deli Scales


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